In an early January debate, George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney a totally irrelevant question about the issue of birth control which the Supreme Court settled in 1965 and whose proposal was not on any state ballot.  Then, within a month or so the Catholic outcry over Obamacare and whole Sandra Fluke-thing broke commencing the Dems charge of a Republican “War on Women”.

Though they state otherwise, the Dems are clearly using the phrase as a fundraising tool and a way to tarnish the GOP’s chances with female voters this Fall.

Into that mess steps DNC adviser Hilary Rosen who had this to say about Ann Romney (go to 0:46):

The Dems have been in damage-control mode all day!

This, in the same week that numbers were revealed indicating that on average women are being paid 18% less than men who work in Obama’s own White House!  Now we know those numbers are skewed, given that maternity leave and lack of overtime push women’s numbers down in every profession, but if the Dems want to belittle child-rearing and ignore a White House with pay equity issues, then game on.  No one messes with Ann Romney!

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