Sarko Faces Uphill Climb

by Mike on April 13, 2012

in France,Politics

Apparently, the French Presidential election isn’t too far off.  It is expected that by the time the runoff rolls around on May 6, Nicolas Sarkozy will face Socialist Francois Hollande (as you may recall, the previous Socialist frontrunner had a string of, let’s call them bad headlines).  Unfortunately for Sarko, France has not been immune to the economic woes plaguing the Eurozone and as a result, he is trailing in the polls against Hollande.  If you’re interested in the horserace, CNN actually has a good summary you should check out.

It’s tough for an American, especially a conservative American, to be a fan of a French politician.  But as French Presidents go, it can get a lot worse than Nicolas Sarkozy.  The guy loves America, has the courage to oppose the ambitions of dictators and radical Islamists, and actually tackled some of the more insane French domestic policies like the 35-hour workweek and a retirement age of 60.

In western democracies, incumbents are almost always held responsible for economic conditions and the polls in France seem to suggest Sarko is no exception.  His argument is that France would have been worse off under the Socialists and he points mostly to Spain as an example of how much worse the economy could have been.  It certainly is true that France is weathering the crisis better than the more left-leaning nations.

If Sarko pulls this off, Obama may have a campaign on which he can model his own.  However, France’s situation is different than Americas due to the fact that its economy is closely linked to and affected by others in the Eurozone.  Besides, Sarko will be making a case based on relatively free market principles.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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