Liberal Media Tells Us They Actually Favor Romney Over Obama

by Mike on April 23, 2012

in Media Bias

The same media that has been trying to move heaven and earth to put a positive spin on this anemic economic recovery, coordinate with the DNC in asking a debate question about contraception in a pathetic attempt to convince us that Republicans are trying to ban the pill, mock Mitt Romney for his wealth, cease all dog stories after it was revealed that Obama eats them, and fixated on “magic underwear” has now come out with this doozy via Yahoo news.  Because they have a study, a supposedly non-partisan one.  Hilarious.

So just how credible is today’s media?  Read the comments at the link.  If they’ve lost even those who comment on Yahoo news articles, then the liberal media’s power really is in decline.  The fact that people are now laughing at the media’s spin rather than swallowing it like they used to is a good sign for our republic.

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