Romney Ready for the Nomination

by Ryan on April 25, 2012

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Last night was a big one.  With only low-polling Newt and Ron Paul to combat Romney for the Republican nomination, Romney swept five Northeastern states last night:  New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware.  Afterwards, Romney gave a speech in New Hampshire that I think was his best to date:

This morning word came that Newt will officially suspend his campaign next Tuesday.  Before Iowa, I looked at the field as it was at the time and endorsed Newt.  He’s still on the New Jersey ballot so I may still symbolically vote for him when Jersey heads to the polls in June.  More likely, I may end up voting for Romney to send a unity message to the Democrats, but I’m still on the fence.

As of today, here’s the RCP horse race.  Romney’s only down by about four, which isn’t great news for Obama.

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