EPA Enforcement Tactics Inspired by Crucifixion

by Ryan on April 26, 2012

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Some think that the environmentalists are so intense, it’s kind of like they’re in a fringe religious cult.  I agree some of them are kind of cult-like in their devotion to the cause.  On that theme, Al Armendariz, the head of the EPA’s Region 6, compared his EPA enforcement methods to the pagan Roman practice of crucifixion during a meeting in 2010. (Start at about 0:25)

Armandariz apologized and all, but the damage is done — in a time of frustratingly high gas prices and in the middle of a tense political season, here’s another Obama appointee on video saying something inappropriate and divisive.  It’s clearly been amateur-hour in that West Wing since January 2009.

Once again the left simply has not come to terms with the impact YouTube has had and continues to have on their credibility.

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