Obama’s Divisive and Partisan Bin Laden Ad

by Ryan on April 29, 2012

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This ad was coming.  I thought it would have emerged later, but then again Obama’s got nothing else to truly run on:  Obama ordered the operation which took out Osama Bin Laden, but would Romney have done so?  Here’s the ad:

I have many issues with this ad:

  • Choosing Bill Clinton narrate a Bin Laden-related ad is poor — were it not for Clinton’s dumbassery, Bin Laden would have been sitting in Gitmo since 1996!
  • Tough decision, huh?  I once asked my 9-year-old niece, “If you knew where a very bad man was hiding and by trying to get him you might upset someone else, would you still try to get the bad man?”  She said yes.  Bold, brave girl or perhaps it wasn’t truly a tough decision to order such an operation?  I’m glad Obama did it, but let’s cut-out the toughness behind such a no-brainer.
  • Without using the tools, tactics, and funding which Obama voted against as senator, the raid would not even have been possible.
  • On Romney likely not making the call:  unnecessarily partisan and divisive attack.
  • By the way, thank you SEAL Team 6.

The Obama team defends the ad;  the Romney camp denounces it as divisive.

I’m critical of the ad, not because Obama ordered the hit on Osama, but because he used it to pound his opponent.  Getting Bin Laden was not a partisan act.  If the ad were filled with American flags, grungy special ops soldiers, patriotic music and a narrator speaking about bravery and American strength with a picture of Obama towards the end looking stern and poised, then this ad would have been magnificent.  Scary magnificent.  Alas, Obama is who he is.  Partisan and divisive.

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