Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

by Ryan on May 9, 2012

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One day after the people of North Carolina adopted a ban on gay marriage, President Obama goes on the record supporting it (by the way, Charlotte happens to be where the Democratic National Convention is being held this summer… oops, slight oversight).

Of course, this is ultimately where Obama wanted to go on the issue as he was legacy-building in his second term.  However, Vice President Biden accelerated the time-table, putting his boss in an awkward situation before the election.  So here was Obama, today, talking about his “evolution” on this issue:

Thirty states have now adopted legislation similar to that of North Carolina.  The courts and the media support gay marriage, but the people of this nation generally aren’t yet sold on it.  Polls say gay marriage is in our future one day, but the only polls that really count are those on Election Day, which hasn’t been a very good day for gays on this issue.  Are gay marriage opponents bigots or do they want time to think about radical changes taking place in our society?  I think the latter is true.

Obama played politics today.  He didn’t need gays in 2008 — where else were they going to go as a voting bloc? — but apparently does now.  “Evolution” or base politics?  The answer is obvious.  Today was not “brave” of Obama, it was shrewd and may backfire in certain key states like, um, North Carolina.

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