Ron Paul Essentially Calls It Quits

by Ryan on May 14, 2012

in Election 2012,Politics

Texas Congressman Ron Paul announced today in an email that he will not be spending money in states where primaries have not yet been held.  Essentially, if he’s stopped campaigning, it’s pretty much over.  By not officially “suspending” his campaign, Ron Paul gets to potentially amass more delegates and possibly make some noise at the convention without having to concede defeat just yet.

This is always an odd point for a campaign and for we the spectators.  Ron Paul cannot win the Republican nomination and running third party is merely playing spoiler.  So, is Ron Paul sticking around for the benefit of his supporters, or to promote his own ego and myth moving forward?

I think a bit of both.  Ron Paul wants to be a presence at the convention and to make sure that some of his issues will not be ignored by the Establishment in Tampa, but he also probably hates having to lose to Romney (he’s not alone in that regard).  His views on the Fed and his libertarian streak were always food for thought.  It’s just the foreign policy stuff that made one gag from time to time.

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