Wisconsin Democrats Whining about Voter Suppression

by Ryan on June 5, 2012

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I seriously could have posted this story last night — frightened Dems are so predictable.  Which will it be:  voter fraud?  racism?  Diebold at it again?  Dick Cheney’s weather machine?  Ah, how about voter suppression!

Some Wisconsin Dems are saying that pro-Walker factions are allegedly telling people who signed the recall petition that they can’t vote today.  The Dems have no proof, but demand an investigation.  Shocker!  It’s all an attempt to sour the results if the election is close (watch the whining disappear if Walker loses!).  Poor sportsmanship — then again, Wisconsin is the state where Senate Dems literally fled to Illinois to avoid voting, so what were we to expect!

What if Walker wins tonight?

I’m not in the camp which believes a Walker win will align the stars for a major conservative resurgence and a sweep of the 2012 Election.  I think if Walker wins, it’s because the people of Wisconsin wanted to give him a full four years, then decide his fate.  This recall was not about political corruption or malfeasance, so the people would have been mostly reacting against the recall’s own overreach.  Being pressured by outside forces, Wisconsin Dems overplayed their hand.

What if Walker loses tonight?

Then, Wisconsin will have become like France.  Ignoring hard numbers and economic realities in an attempt to keep alive a dream which has long since passed.  GOP governors around the nation will get timid, but how is that much different from the norm?  Momentum is important though, and the GOP have net more to gain than lose with a Walker victory.

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