Walker Wins: “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

by Ryan on June 6, 2012

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Last night, the “too close to call” Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election ended up not being so close.  Here’s what happened:

  • Governor Scott Walker’s recalled failed 53-46% — 7 points… the same margin as Obama-McCain.  Not a landslide, but definitely decisive.
  • Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch also survived with a similar percentage: 53-47%.
  • One of the four recalled Republican state senators was defeated, giving the Dems control of the state senate.

In what I expect to see after a Romney victory in November, the stock market had its best day all year, closing nearly up 300 points.  Unfortunately, the market surged on hopes of more government spending in Europe and the United States — not because of a signal that America may be ready to grow up on economic issues.

While I don’t believe that this Walker victory was tantamount to a guaranteed GOP victory in November, it certainly provides momentum and a message that austerity can produce electorally positive results.  While austerity is a choice for America today, tomorrow it won’t be.   The day after Walker’s victory, Congress is still mulling over billions in new stimulus spending!  Ugh.

(To gloat a bit) At the end of the day, this video really sums up how the union shills must feel today:

Quick — somebody call a wah-mbulance!  End of democracy?  Seriously?  Didn’t they demand this recall?  Poor.  Libs love a catchy chant (it beats thinking), so to quote a popular union line from last year’s Madison protests:  “this is what democracy looks like.”  Yes it is — yes it is.

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