Movie Review: Prometheus

by Ryan on June 10, 2012

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One of the movies I’ve really been looking forward to this summer season was Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus:

Only, it’s kind of not an Alien prequel!  My mistake was falling for what got me in the door — thinking I was going to see an Alien prequel.  It’s not.  It’s a reboot.

One of today’s gimmicks in the sci-fi/fantasy genre is the reboot.  Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Star Trek, etc., all got “reboots” in the last decade, which is to say we like the characters, would pay to see them again, but want a storyline that’s either more modern and relevant or one that’s starkly different.  The most well-done examples of these reboots is the “Dark Knight” series, whose final installment comes out July 20.

That being said, it would have been very important of me to understand that Prometheus is an attempt to reboot the Alien series before I saw it.  You don’t need to re-watch the old ones.  Some things will feel familiar, others will be very different.  Don’t fight it.  Just watch and accept.  This movie deals with all sort of big questions:  who are we?  where did we come from?  what effect will those revelations have on our faith in God and science?  It also gives us plenty of sci-fi action, gizmos, and Alien-style gore.  The plot is thought-provoking, but won’t change your life.  Prometheus also has a keen mix of character development with excellent pacing.

I can see why some critics loved it while others didn’t — when the final scene is arguably the most unnecessary and you went in thinking the movie was something it’s not, I get how some people can be put-off.   However, it’s the first movie I’ve seen in a while where one must see it again to get all the little subtleties.  Movies like that are few and far between these days when the audience needs to be spoon-fed more than ever.  I give it a B+ and definitely recommend seeing it, but just heed the warning above.

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