Egypt Still in Flux

by Ryan on June 14, 2012

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Democracy in Egypt, huh?  Not quite yet.

After months of trying to get a popularly-elected parliament organized, Egyptians faced a complication earlier today.  Egypt’s clearly Jeffersonian-sounding “Supreme Council of the Armed Forces” ruled that nearly 1/3 of the seats in parliament were invalid!

Coincidentally, their presidential election run-off is only a few days away and this assures the winner won’t have a parliament to deal with.  In sum:  the military is telling the people that they didn’t get the vote right — so they need to re-vote until they do get it right and in the meantime, our guy will run things.  Some are calling this move nothing short of a coup.

Something that a few “democracy” advocates don’t seem to understand is that the true test of a democracy is not whether your side wins or loses, it’s whether or not the losers go home and prepare for the next election, or grab some guns and impose “democracy” anyway.

For some reason, I can’t get the libtard pre-Walker recall mantra “This is what democracy looks like” out of my head when I read about how elements of the Arab Spring are going awry.

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