Obama Dictates on Immigration

by Ryan on June 15, 2012

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Why go through Congress when the President can use his powers and the unelected fourth branch of government (our labyrinthine bureaucracy) to simply will it into being?

I’m sure Congress is asking itself a similar question after President Obama’s executive order asked DHS to stop enforcing deportations of younger illegals (no vote pandering there!), while encouraging those youngsters to get work permits.  Some estimate that this will impact about 800,000 people.

America’s sheriff, Joe Arpaio, doesn’t care.  Many members of the House are furious.  In fact, even Obama himself seemed furious today while giving a speech to a press corps from which he wasn’t intending to take questions.  It seemed that if Ron Ziegler were there, Obama might have pushed Ron at them.

In Obama’s mind, Congress won’t pass the DREAM Act (wah!) so our leader just had to act.  Um… the DREAM Act was reintroduced to Congress in 2009, before Scott Brown ruined the Dems’ filibuster-proof majority!  So, I’m calling bull$^*% on that excuse.

Obama obviously needed to pivot today — his big economic speech floundered, the polls look worse and worse, and the stress of the job seems to be getting to him.  This move seems beyond cynical.  Promising jobs to people who shouldn’t be here while failing to help the unemployed who are legally here is the kind of thing that grates on people down deep.  It’s clear that something is wrong with this move — it’s both pandering and coercive in an unfriendly way.

Can’t wait to see what executive orders he has in store for the Fall:  pot legalization!  college debt forgiveness!  mortgage bailouts!  gay marriages for all!

UPDATE:  Here’s Obama explaining last year why he can’t do what he just did:

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Nurse Duncan June 16, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Unfortunately, the worst may be yet to come. Obama must realize his days are numbered. With that said, the true Obama will emerge through Jan. 2013. What would happen if an executive order was in conflict with current law? or better yet, if DHS or other institutions disobey executive orders? Obama needs to use discretion on abusing the power of executive order.


rightonoz June 18, 2012 at 4:02 am

Every president does this to one extent or another.

GWB for one. Clinton…

I actually think it’s a humane answer to the issue.


Ryan June 18, 2012 at 3:02 pm

@Oz: humane, but possibly illegal. Other Presidents, like Dubya and Clinton, dealt with Congresses of a different party and got things passed by compromising. For whatever reason Obama’s own party was not willing to do this when they had the chance It seems like an act of desperation rather than one of compassion.

@ND: the precedent for using numerous executive orders on non-military issues was begun by FDR. Like using the veto too much, issuing executive orders like this one indicates a failure leadership, in the ability to get people together to form a consensus on an issue each side IS willing to give a little on.


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