NBC Covering for Penn State Pedo?

by Ryan on June 18, 2012

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It seems so.  In an interview with Bob Costas last November, accused “Penn State Pedo” Jerry Sandusky had a bit of a Freudian slip that would have made huge news and given some serious ammunition in the prosecution’s case against the alleged pedophile.  At present, the prosecution wants the tape.  The transcript has Costas asking:

So it’s entirely possible that you could’ve helped young boy A in some way that was not objectionable while horribly taking advantage of young boy B, C, D and E. Isn’t that possible?

To which Sandusky replied [my emphasis]:

Well — you might think that.  I don’t know.  In terms of — my relationship with so many, many young people.  I would — I would guess that there are many young people who would come forward.  Many more young people who would come forward and say that my methods and — and what I had done for them made a very positive impact on their life.  And I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped.  There are many that I didn’t have — I hardly had any contact with who I have helped in many, many way.”

Yikes.  “There are many that I didn’t have –” what with exactly???  Sandusky seems to have caught himself.

So, was that line a slip, creepy, or just poor choice of words given the accusations?  Regardless, the prosecution would like to know.  Plus, I’d love to know why NBC edited that part out since no one cares about anything else Sandusky might have said in that interview.  It looks intentional on NBC’s part.  And that looks terrible.

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