Voyager on the Edge

by Ryan on June 19, 2012

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It’s taken 35 years for the Voyager I spacecraft to nearly reach the edge of interstellar space;  it’s about to do so sometime soon.  Right now the probe is encountering rays and particles which are changing frequently.  There’s apparently nothing out there, so any little change in conditions means something significant is taking place.  In this case, Voyager is going outside the influence of our sun to “interstellar” space.

As one who’s been interested in space since I was a child, I’d really love to learn more about what’s really out there.  Unfortunately, space isn’t really like it is in the movies — no big spaceship explosions, no big sounds, thus far no aliens, etc.  So, leaving the “heliosphere,” an area heavily influenced and in many ways protected by our sun, is merely the first step in exploring the vast ocean of space and will hopefully give us a new insights into our physical universe.

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