The Fast and Furious “Executive Privilege” Escalation

by Ryan on June 20, 2012

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With hours left for Attorney General Eric Holder to hand over documents to the House Oversight and Government Reforms Committee, the AG played a game-changing card regarding the “Fast and Furious” affair — Holder got his boss, President Obama, to assert “executive privilege” over the documents in question, stymieing Congress’ investigation into the death of border agent Brian Terry while making it more likely that the courts will be bogged down with this until after the November election.

This is the first time Obama has invoked executive privilege since taking office.  That makes today’s even more significant.  While some feel this was done to merely postpone a contempt vote, this likely guarantees it.  I’ve felt for nearly a year now that if reelected, this feels like a major Obama scandal in the works.

All over the radio and Internet today echoes of Nixon and the Watergate tapes were bandied about.  While the Watergate tapes proved Nixon had knowledge of the Watergate break-in before he admitted publicly and that he was involved in an attempt to obstruct the FBI, no one died Agent Brian Terry is dead because of guns smuggled by our agents to Mexico in “Operation Fast and Furious.”

The test of any scandal’s gravity is to adequately apply Howard Baker’s ominous question:  What did the President know and when did he know it?

Until this move today, no one was really curious about Obama’s involvement at all — this was an issue with the AG misleading and obstructing a Congressional investigation.  That’s changed now.  The issue has escalated.  Now I want to know who knew what and when.  I want to know what these documents say.  I want to know how, if at all, the President was involved.  I’m not alone.

Either Obama is a really good friend trying to look after his AG, or he’s involved in a way that looks terrible.  Predictably, some Dems are already blaming Bush for all this, but that will get old by the Sunday shows.  I sense we’ll know what those documents say before November 6 — the Romney campaign will let the Obama Administration be shaken by this scandal all summer then demand answers in the Fall.

UPDATE:  Issa’s committee just voted 23-17 in favor of Holder being in contempt.  Speaker Boehner promises a full House vote next week.

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