Sandusky Found Guilty

by Ryan on June 23, 2012

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The Penn State Pedo Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of child abuse as the jury reached their verdict in this high-profile case last night.  The sentencing phase is set for September.

There were so many aspects of this case which were disturbing — how Sandusky kept his job for so long, how some of the kid’s complaints had been ignored or deferred, how Sandusky’s fellow coaches feigned ignorance for so long, how his wife lied to herself about what was going on in with her husband and boys in her own basement, etc.

I know how tragic and unfortunate these kinds of cases can be:

Back in the day, the Diocese of Providence knew of a pedophile priest and instead of handing him over to the cops, shipped him around until he landed in my parish where he molested kids I knew and had gone to school with.  It was a terrible ordeal.  The priest never approached me in an overtly inappropriate way, nor most of my friends, leading most to look the other way when everyone knew about serious allegations.  No one wanted to deal with the potential implications and consequences until it was much too late, when one or two victims become nearly a dozen in Sandusky’s case.

If I were the victims,  I’d be happy about the verdict, but I’d also be angry at the community and culture which let this guy keep his job and access to children for as long as he did.  Though much too late for Sandusky’s victims, at least justice has been served.  He’ll never live outside of prison again.

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