Mixed Arizona Law Ruling

by Ryan on June 25, 2012

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The Supreme Court had a number of rulings today, none getting more attention than their striking down of most of Arizona’s immigration law in a 5-3 decision, with Justice Kagan recusing herself.  The controversial part about asking those already stopped for committing a crime for their immigration status remained in tact… until the 9th Circuit takes aim at it some time in the future.

In a real (ahem) “dirt” bag move, within hours of the ruling the Obama Administration instructed DHS to suspend local and state assistance in the enforcement of federal law on the border.  Such timing indicates that Obama’s thuggish brat-side was out in force against AZ Governor Jan Brewer.

In his dissent, Justice Scalia made perfect sense criticizing the high court’s mind-boggling decision because of its inconsistency and message that states don’t have the right to protect themselves even while enforcing federal law itself.

This decision makes me fearful that SCOTUS will try the same thing with Obamacare — upholding some parts, getting rid of others, while in the meantime making a royal mess of things.  Heck, even Chief Justice Roberts join with the majority on Arizona.  Only Alito, Thomas, and Scalia seem to care about state sovereignty.  Will they also be the only ones who care about individual liberty come the Obamacare decision this week?  Wonder where Justice Kennedy is on the individual mandate.

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