Movie Review — Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

by Ryan on June 30, 2012

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This week I got the chance to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I do have a distinct fan-boy side now and then and can be a pop culture whore from time to time too.  Given that, I kind of had to see this movie.  Here’s the trailer:

So.  How was it?  Well, as a history teacher this movie did exercise my gag reflex pretty thoroughly.  But, at the same time it’s a movie about Honest Abe destroying vampires!  I adapted.

That being said, it was pretty entertaining:  vampires in the new world using slavery as a way to hide their killing, being threatened by vengeful hunters like Abe.  Add lots of over-the-top ghoulish day-walking vampires to Abe the action-hero wielding an ax along with his courtship and marriage to a very attractive Mary Todd (that’s an historical inaccuracy I dealt with), and one can handle this movie’s butchering (ha!) of history.

While it’s action-packed and well-paced, it’s really a D+ of a movie, unless you’re going for silly camp-value.  Then, it’s nearly a B.

Also:  if we’re going to do these kinds of things to American history, at the very minimum I want a movie about Ronald Reagan taking out Cold War commie zombies.

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