Roberts: All on His Own

by Ryan on July 1, 2012

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Take or leave CBS’s MSM reporting of this, but apparently all is not well on the Supreme Court:  CBS reports that on Obamacare, Chief Justice Roberts was going to vote with the conservatives to toss out the law, then suddenly shifted his vote a few weeks ago leading to great friction between he and (of all people) Justice Kennedy!

We all suspected a vote shift took place given how the dissent sounds like an altered majority ruling and vice versa.  Yet, is it possible that bending under media pressure Roberts had the audacity to attempt to cajole Kennedy to rule with him?  Also, I didn’t notice this, but apparently the conservative dissent was not signed and pretty much disregarded any of Roberts’ opinion.  Someone was pissed!

We’ll never know the true inner-workings of the Supreme Court, and CBS could be entertaining mere speculation as news, but Roberts’ illogical, nonsensical break from the conservatives on Obamacare does seem to warrant some head-scratching and entertaining a few anecdotes.

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rightonoz July 18, 2012 at 3:45 am

Roberts is a political beast. Perhaps he voted the way he did to make it more of an election issue to give Romney a greater chance at winning.

Just a suggestion.


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