Obamacare Exposes “Politics of Dependency”

by Ryan on July 3, 2012

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Obamacare’s “politics of dependency” does more than just create an unsustainable economic reality, but it hurts the soul of the citizen as well.  Psychiatrist Keith Ablow writes about the psychological problems of government dependency on young people.  More than anything to date, Ablow argues that Obamacare turns “We the People” into “We the Parents” and will undoubtedly stymie young people’s developing sense of self and independence.

America is already broke and signs indicate a manufacturing contraction is taking place (the worst since 2009) — one of the first signs of a recession.  Given our economic realities and the psychological changes we’re forcing our youth to cope with, I wonder how this all ends well.

Ablow goes on:

If you think that Occupy Wall Street was a spectacle, just wait and see how tens of millions of adult children, who have been told they can’t decide how to spend their money, behave when their allowance dries up.

A significant conflict that America faces today and moving forward is one between the makers and the takers, the producers and the recipients, the contributors and the benefactors, the drivers and the “free riders.”  Whatever you want to call each side, having more takers than makers is not a sustainable model for a functioning economy or society.  That model is called “Greece.”

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