Data: The Road to Recovery Begins with Electing Republicans

by Ryan on July 9, 2012

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New unemployment data analysis indicates that all 17 states which elected a Republican governor in 2010 have seen a drop in that state’s unemployment rate, while all eight states who elected Democrats saw slower drops or actual increases in the unemployment rate since January 2011.  These GOP governors have had to make hard (and often unpopular) choices but the results speak for themselves.  Some of these states are swing states or lean blue, like Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

If the Romney campaign or the RNC could seize upon data like this and start campaigning like they mean it, I’d feel a bit more comfortable; their message being that the road to recovery begins with electing Republicans in 2012.

I stress this because I’m starting to get that feeling I had in the summer of 2003 when the WMDs weren’t found in Iraq and the Bush Administration let weeks go by before addressing the issue, suffering mightily.  The GOP better not take any more of this summer off, lest they be defined by the Obama crew.

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Mike July 9, 2012 at 10:41 am

I don’t have that summer 2003 feeling yet, but I am getting a summer of 96 vibe. That was when Clinton bombarded the country with negative Dole/Gingrich ads and essentially won the election.

Unlike Dole, Mitt has raised a boatload of money and will be competitive, but he needs to start buying ad time. Obama seems to have a slight lead, including in the swing states, thanks to his ad blitz. Thankfully, he’s still under 50 percent despite those ads and Mitt’s relative silence.


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