Boston Flight School Exposes TSA’s Pre-9/11 Mindset

by Ryan on July 19, 2012

in Stupid government,The Iraq Front,War on Terror

News came today that a Boston-area flight school owned by an illegal alien had 25 illegal aliens learning to fly planes, six of whom got a pilot’s license.  The most disturbing development, however, was that the GAO indicated that this flight training was actually approved of by the TSA!

What are we paying these government functionaries for?  All of those involved in this error need to lose their jobs and face fines or prosecution.  Why have a post-9/11 security apparatus if we’re not going to implement it?

In the deserts of Iraq’s al Anbar province just outside the Al Asad Airbase my brother once photographed a sign directed at our soldiers which read, “Complacency Kills.”  Perhaps the TSA needs that sign outside their offices.

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