Midnight Movie Massacre in Colorado

by Ryan on July 20, 2012

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While the details are still being revealed as I write, what we do know is that a 24-year old gunman named James Holmes went into a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.  Using noxious gas canisters and 2-3 guns, Holmes killed at least 12 people, wounding 58.  Those numbers are likely to change as the day goes on.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the fallen, their friends and families, as well as to the survivors.

Witnesses reported that Holmes was wearing a bulletproof vest and had on a gas-mask — he planned to make it out of there.  However, he was apprehended quickly by the police.  The investigation is ongoing.

Unfortunately, we all know politics is going to seep into this case before the details are fully known.  We don’t know if Holmes broke any gun control laws when obtaining his weapons, if he had outside help, if he had undiagnosed mental illness, or is trying to make some kind of political statement.  It’s too early to be jumping to conclusions.

However:  Piers Morgan of CNN has already tweeted a call for more gun control, while NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants Obama and Romney to offer specific policy proposals about gun control as well.  At this rate by next week the MSM will be accusing Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, or the movie’s conservative-leaning director Christopher Nolan of actually encouraging the crime!

I hope not, but we’ll see.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the Dems may use The Dark Knight Rises politically beyond the infantile Bain/Bane comparison.  It’s sad to even be thinking that, but remember what the left did after the Gabby Giffords shooting?  I don’t put anything past them.

UPDATE:  Shameless: Rush, Tea Party,etc. already being blamed.  It’s not even 11am EDT at this update.  James Holmes killed those people.  Period.

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rightonoz July 21, 2012 at 4:37 am

While I have been a recreational hunter, and an awarded marksman, I have to pass licence requirements and background tests.

Most of my history with firearms is covered by a thing call The Official Secrets Act, so I can’t even say, ‘you know I used to be a member of.. and am certified on…….’, I have to pass the extensive screening for private ownership just like any other citizen.

I honestly find the US weak gun laws to be amazing. Not fashionable for a right wing person, however I feel too many people carry them over there, and there’s too much of a wild west mentality.


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