Mitt Takes the Mitts Off at VFW

by Ryan on July 24, 2012

in Election 2012,International Relations,Politics,War on Terror

Mitt Romney upped his game today at a speech in front of a Nevada VFW.  Romney soon embarks on an overseas trip to various countries, including the UK, Poland, and Israel, so a speech on foreign policy to a group of veterans makes sense before he leaves.  He acknowledged the victims of the Movie Massacre, with an emphasis on the four veterans who were killed, going on about our American Century and our exceptionalism.

Then, the digs came about how Obama is weakening America’s defenses in many ways.  However, this part seemed to me to be the news-worthy one (go to 11:20, though you may want to watch the whole clip):

Amen.  I like this Mitt Romney, taking off the gloves and calling out Obama on national security.  As I see it, the more well-rounded Romney looks, the more acceptable he’ll be to voters in November.

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