Romney’s Hiccups in London

by Ryan on July 26, 2012

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While presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney tours a number of countries over the next few weeks, he’s currently in London for tomorrow night’s 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies.  In the meantime, he met with Prime Minister David Cameron and others to talk about the games, etc., which offered a small moment of tension — Romney has run Olympic games before, sees some areas of potential trouble, and made the unfortunate move of saying so before having to pull it back.

Also, the Daily Telegraph apparently quoted an unnamed Romney adviser who told them that America and Britain shared an “Anglo-Saxon heritage” which is something Romney understands better than Obama.  Romney brushed off the remarks, however agreeing that a special relationship exists.

Immediately, racial overtones were implied.  Now it seems even the international left is trying to build a case for a potentially racist Romney campaign!

One thing is for sure though, Romney wouldn’t set a tone and demonstrate his respect for our shared heritage by sending back a bust of Winston Churchill within his first month in office.  Remember, Churchill was half-American by blood and given many honors by this nation, whose bust was loaned to us after the 9/11 attacks.  Just sayin’.

Regardless, a pro-growth free market guy is bound to get cold treatment across the pond these days.  Romney, beware.

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