Carney Stumbles on Naming Israeli Capital

by Ryan on July 28, 2012

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Question:  What is the capital of Israel?  Answer:  Jerusalem

Simple, right?  Not in an election year with a Democrat administration in office!

President Obama just authorized the transfer of $70 million to Israel saying:  “I have made it a top priority for my administration to deepen cooperation with Israel across a whole spectrum of security issues.”  What a guy — and to do so the day before Romney leaves to visit Israel!  Complete coincidence, I’m sure.

So the question should be easy since this administration is so close to Israel, right?  Obama did get 78% of the Jewish vote last time around.  Here’s Jay Carney’s response yesterday when asked that direct question:

Really?  It’s not like the Brits say the US capital is New York City.  No, they go with what we tell them:  Washington DC.  The Israelis call Jerusalem their capital, even though some government offices are in Tel Aviv.  But Jerusalem is their stated capital.

If we’re such good friends, why parse and duck?  Unless we’re not.  If he’s not careful, Jay Carney will start resembling Baghdad Bob soon.

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