An Unexpected Trilogy

by Ryan on July 30, 2012

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Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and the upcoming Hobbit movies, announced that his plan for a two-part Hobbit movie has turned into a trilogy.  Here’s Part 1′s trailer:

The Hobbit was the first big book I read as a kid.  Its small type and yellowing paper gave me incessant headaches as a ten-year-old, but I couldn’t stop reading it.  I quickly moved on to LOTR and fell in love with the whole franchise.  Those silly cartoon movies also helped!

That being said, I’m not sure if I like this move to a trilogy.  The Hobbit is a shorter book than any of the LOTR trilogy.  It’s packed full of action, so I can see stretching it out to two movies, which has recently been done with the Harry Potter, Twilight, and soon-to-be-filmed Hunger Games sequels.  Jackson, however, has decided to infuse back story from the LOTR appendices to add depth.  This could be great, or merely delude the overall product at the expense of the basic Hobbit story.

I loved the LOTR films, so I shouldn’t prejudge Jackson — he hasn’t let me down yet.  I guess if he’s going to go with the side stories, he’s not going to do it half-heartedly.  I just hope it works.

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