Harry Reid Spouts Tax Rumor on Senate Floor

by Ryan on August 2, 2012

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Harry Reid took to the Senate floor today to accuse Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes for ten years.

How does he know?  Apparently, the “word is out.”

Seriously?  Megyn Kelly had a guest on today which dealt with this charge perfectly!  The Dems merely want Romney to release his tax records to find something to hit Romney with every day until November 6, but invoking Romney’s late father to shame Romney into releasing those tax records the way Reid did the other day is really a d-bag move.

I hope Romney doesn’t release them, or least attaches conditions:  He’ll release his tax records only after Obama releases either Obama’s college records, Obama’s dealings with Tony Rezko, rescind the executive order on the Fast and Furious scandal, etc.  Turning the issue on them would be key.

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