Dems Pick Fight Over Early Voting for Military in Ohio

by Ryan on August 5, 2012

in Election 2012,Law,Politics,War on Terror

The Obama campaign and the Ohio Democrats are filing a lawsuit against an Ohio law allowing members of the military to cast an early-voting ballot until the day before Election Day.  Granted, the cut-off day for everyone else is three days before the election, but due to the erratic schedules of some military personnel the GOP-led Ohio legislature wanted to hook up this important voting bloc.

Obama and the Dems argue that they just want an equal playing field for all voters.  I actually understand their argument to move everyone to the day before Election Day — if it’s good for one group, it should be good for all.

Yet, I wonder if Obama will go after every state with these kinds of inconsistencies?  We know that Obama’s-own Holder Justice Department doesn’t seem to think voter id laws are OK despite how the Supreme Court has ruled, unless you’re in a Democrat-leaning swing state like Pennsylvania, all while a very similar Texas law is deemed to be a skosh away from Jim Crow.

Again, I do understand their point on the military ballots.  Nonetheless, given their history it’s a terrible wedge political fight for the Obama team to be picking in of all states, Ohio!

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