Who’s In and Out at the Republican National Convention

by Ryan on August 14, 2012

in Election 2012,Media Bias,Politics

Some new speakers have been named to the list of those speaking at the Republican National Convention in two weeks.

Notable insChris Christie, who will  be giving the keynote address, and Marco Rubio, who will be introducing Mitt Romney on the final night.  Christie and Rubio are GOP superstars who undoubtedly will do a great job tossing red meat at the convention.

Notable outsRon Paul and Sarah Palin.

Ron Paul’s supporters are generally fanatical, and they have the energy and willingness to vote third party if they had too;  some of them will anyway.  So, I understand Paul not speaking — he hates Romney, but also doesn’t play well with others.  The GOP doesn’t need another Pat Buchanan at their convention.

Sarah Palin is a staunch conservative and Tea Party superstar who has been energizing the grassroots across the nation for nearly four years.  Without grassroots support, the GOP is doomed.  Here, I think Romney is playing to perception — the MSM essentially destroyed Palin who would end up getting all the attention whenever she spoke.  Put her on the first night if it bothers Romney that much, but I think she should speak.

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