Romney/Ryan Trying to Redefine Medicare Debate

by Ryan on August 15, 2012

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Medicare is a Democrat issue — just say the word and images are conjured up of benign Democrats helping grandma out of her chair, and Republicans pushing her off a cliff.  However, that may be changing.  In 2009, President Obama reinforced the idea that Medicare cuts were needed as part of his health care plan, to the point where he threatened to veto a bill that did not have Medicare cuts!  It was one of the many aspects of Obamacare that the press mostly shrugged off and that politicians were either ignorant about or acquiescent towards.

Not in this election cycle!  Here’s the latest Romney/Ryan ad on Medicare:

Since 1995, it was those evil Republicans trying to “cut” Medicare.  It turns out that it was a Democrat President with a Democrat Congress which actually did — to the tune of over $700 billion (pdf link).  Facts are stubborn things.  This was one of the traps the Democrats could have fallen into regarding the Ryan pick — they seem to be taking the bait.  We’ll know if this reversal is working if the Dems try to change the subject quickly.

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Medicare Rhode Island August 28, 2012 at 1:54 am

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