Should Obama Dump Biden?

by Ryan on August 16, 2012

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With a flurry of recent Joe Biden gaffes, John McCain repeated some buzz about Obama potentially replacing Biden with another Vice Presidential nominee.  White House Propaganda Minister press secretary Jay Carney responded that Joe is indeed staying on the ticket, then proceed to attack McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin.  McCain said he wasn’t sure if Hillary would even want to be on Team Obama.  I love the needling here.

Historically, though, while dumping a Vice President during an election year is not a recent phenomenon, it’s not unprecedented either.  Lincoln had two different veeps (Hamlin and Johnson).  FDR had three (Gardner, Wallace, and Truman).  Biden was initially selected for… umm… some reason back in Obama’s race against McCain, apparently shoring up a perceived weakness of the Illinois Senator.  Three weeks later, the election became about the economy.  Oops.  Lot of good that pick did him.

It would be fun to see the Dems pick someone new, but risking an even more fractured party so close to the election isn’t smart at all.  Plus, Obama’s obviously not interested in trading-up for a governing pick.

UPDATEThe Amateur author Edward Klein believes that Hillary was asked to replace Biden two weeks ago and declined the offer because of Obama “socialistic policies.”  If only it were true.  I’m suspect for two reasons:  Bill hates Obama and I would never think that Hillary thought “socialistic” anything is a pejorative in private meetings (she did do her Wellesley senior thesis on Saul Alinsky).

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