Jesus Votes Republican… or Does He?

by Ryan on August 17, 2012

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Who would Jesus vote for?  The Blaze website had a little fun with that today.  Who the heck knows?  I thought Obama was Jesus:

I kid.

I’m thinking Jesus would have asked each of us to be the best person we could be by following God’s law and to help others if we can.  The day that becomes a partisan message, I think we could answer that question.

However, “collective” salvation and using coercive measures of wealth redistribution don’t seem to work spiritually if we are to imply that we all have equal value and freedom of conscience.  Otherwise, what spiritual value is there to doing good works if those deeds do not come from the individual’s desire, willingness, and ability to do so freely?  Jesus spoke of the soul in everyday life, not about the efficacy of government programs — drop Jesus from the campaign and add him to the campaigners.

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