Todd Akin’s “Legitimate” Gaffe

by Ryan on August 20, 2012

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The GOP’s candidate for the Senate from Missouri, Congressman Todd Akin, gaffed on the Jaco Report talk show yesterday when he said this:

Face palm.

Umm… if pregnant women could miscarry any time they were under serious emotional stress, abortion wouldn’t even be an issue!

Reapply face palm.

It’s the perfect sound byte to reinforce the idea amongst the pro-choice community that conservative men don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about, while also playing into the left’s desire to shift attention from the economy to wedge social issues.

Akin clarified his statement after taking the obvious blow back for saying such a ridiculous thing.  But, this is potentially troubling since Akin is running close to incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill — a possible pick-up we definitely need.  Akin should refocus on the economy, figure out how to repair this damage, and learn a little more about female physiology before making these kinds of statements on TV.

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Paula October 5, 2012 at 1:08 pm

where did he say miscarry?

It is established medical fact that stress can and does interfere with fertility. Consider all the couples that are told at least part of their problem is their inability to “relax and forget about it” in order to enhance conception when they are having trouble doing so.

He stretched the hypothesis too far, but he was also not very dogmatic about it and it wasn’t his main point. It was obvious to anyone that his meaning was “authentic assault rape” as opposed to statutory rape or even date rape. The so called conservative and cowardly Republicans that publicly stoned Akin are turncoats in this case. (I deliberately use the word cowardly, and yes I know Hannity and Rush and Ann Coulter aren’t thought of as cowardly, but they are in this case.)

His very valid main point (don’t kill the babies of rapists for the rapist’s crime) is actually what everyone hates, but they haven’t got a leg to stand on by attacking that one, lest they make it even more clear that they are OK with killing a certain class of innocent human beings.

Even if he does lose, he is still correct. As correct as he would be if he was protesting something like the idea that we should only be allowed to abort black babies. The particular demographic is irrelevant. The issue is life, not choice. Life always trumps choice.

Btw, hey, no gaffe is legitimate. How dare you suggest that!


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