McCaskill on Key DNC Speaker Bill Clinton

by Ryan on August 24, 2012

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Todd Akin is a national distraction, sustaining a huge swing in the polls against him since making a ridiculous statement about rape last weekend — he had been beating incumbent Claire McCaskill in Missouri, but is now getting trounced.  By remaining in the race, Akin is putting himself above the cause and will continue to do damage, ruining his name forever, losing the sure-thing pick-up for the GOP, and fomenting unnecessary collateral damage in numerous House races.  As such, whatever Akin was he’s become a delusional pompous ass and needs to go.

However, desperate for any issue that will stick to the GOP in a negative way, the Dems have used Akin’s gaffe to resurrect the fictitious GOP “War on Women” attack, even adding prominent female speakers to the DNC speech roster.

What’s odd is that while the Dems are hammering home how terrible the GOP would be to women, Bill Clinton is slated to give a prominent address at the DNC!  Funny, I know, but let’s meld the two stories — what did newly minted woman-warrior Claire McCaskill think about Bill Clinton a just few years ago?

Classic.  Once again the Democrats don’t seem to understand how much YouTube has done to damage their credibility.

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