Romney Makes Birth Certificate Joke; Left Flips Out

by Ryan on August 25, 2012

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Yesterday, Mitt Romney was giving a speech in Michigan and said this:

Subsequently, the left erupted in apoplectic fits and bouts filled with the most supreme indignant outrage.  The Obama campaign even cut an ad within hours slamming the statement!

The odd thing is… it was a joke.  It was clearly a joke.  Slate‘s Dave Weigel makes four points which should put this issue to bed, but won’t:  1) it was a joke,  2) it’s fair play given those Romney dog jokes,  3) given what Obama’s PACs and campaign have accused Romney of (felonies, murder, etc.) it’s obviously “feigned outrage,” and 4)  as Krauthammer said in the previous link, Obama himself has joked about his birth certificate.

Given all that, the way the press is covering this looks pretty stupid too.

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