Feminist Malaise at the DNC (and Outside the RNC!)

by Ryan on August 27, 2012

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Unless you are a child with “credentials,” you are not to be allowed on the Democratic National Convention floor, even if all you are doing is being breastfed.  I thought that hippie/granola public breastfeeding thing would be cool with the free-spirited Lib elite, but alas no.

Oddly, some feminazis are upset by this, citing the DNC’s discrimination against new mothers and such.  When did feminazis ever align themselves with motherhood outside of a victim-status context?  These certainly are strange times we live in.

But, for the party which seeks to have its first openly pro-abortion convention, this kind of makes sense — who needs children when contraception and abortions for every woman will be paid for by us all!  Children only seem awkward at that point.

Just making sure not to overdo anything, the liberal firebrand group Code Pink showed up in Tampa to protest the RNC by dressing up as vaginas.

Yes, vagina costumes.

Some even had signs — “Read my lips, leave my vagina alone” and so forth.

Translation:  pay for my contraception, my abortion, and my single-parent lifestyle you evil Republicans, while somehow staying the hell out of my bedroom dammit!

Right.  Ultimately, we have a party positioning itself as the bastion of woman-power that bans kids from its convention floor, has Bill Clinton as a prime time speaker, while those aligned with them dress like vaginas to harass Republicans over things the GOP isn’t arguing about!  I do wonder how many people this kind of hypocrisy is turning off.

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