The Establishment Strikes Back at the RNC

by Ryan on August 28, 2012

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The ostensible first day of the RNC isn’t going so well thus far.

Earlier today, Texas Congressman Ron Paul made an appearance on the floor.  Shouts of praise for Paul and laments about rule changes filled the air.  Then, Maine’s Paul delegation was refused seating and all hell broke loose!  Chaos enveloped the floor as controversial rules were enforced while “USA” chants were encouraged to silence the Paul supporters “point of order” pleas.  Maine’s Paul delegation ended up leaving the floor upset, replaced by Romney delegates.  A series of votes took place, including an attempt to force a floor vote on the controversial changes, but to no avail.

The chaos was justified.  The rule change in question seeks to potentially diminish future conservative candidates and grassroots groups from sending people to the convention, giving the nominee veto over who gets seated — as is what happened to Maine’s Paul delegation only it would happen earlier in the process.  This kind of move could literally tear the GOP apart especially if Romney loses, since it’s conservative grassroots groups which are the energy behind the GOP in the first place!

So, the GOP Establishment strikes back, which illustrates in this case why the Establishment sucks — they just don’t get it.  We’re not Democrats who run after the table scraps of their party betters’ dictates.  This also isn’t 2008.  The GOP has changed, but its Establishment leaders obviously fear it to the point of risking fracture.

Trouble brews.  Further disruptions will occur.  Once again the Republicans never miss an opportunity to jump on a sword.  The Stupid Party indeed.

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