RNC Speeches Day 1: Ann and Christie Have Arrived

by Ryan on August 29, 2012

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After yesterday afternoon’s debacle on the RNC floor, I was feeling much less enthusiastic going into last night’s prime time RNC speeches.  I started watching around 7:30pm EDT only to see Reince Priebus, Establishment tool, trying to excite the crowd.  It wasn’t working beyond the token uttering of “Mitt Romney” which consistently elicited obligatory applause all night.

However, things kicked into gear pretty quickly.  Last night was a showcase of the newer faces of the GOP:  young, female, Latino, and black.  I liked how in between speeches, the “We Built It” theme was reinforced by using Obama’s lofty words, juxtaposed to real stories of hardship.  The young gun GOP governors, John Kasich, Bob McDonnell, Nikki Haley, etc., were all impressive.  I also enjoyed former Democrat Artur Davis’ speech (he was the man who seconded Obama’s nomination in 2008 at the DNC).  Former Romney rival Rick Santorum gave a truly deep and impassioned speech about his life, experiences, and conservatism in a deeply impactful way — his defense of the life issue was immensely powerful.

Now to the big speeches:

Ann Romney.  To most Americans, this was the first major speech they saw Mitt Romney’s wife make.  It was endearing.  She started out a little excitable and somewhat stilted, and seemed a bit pandering to me.  However, within a few minutes she hit her stride.  I thought she came across real, optimistic, and strong.  There was nothing new or insightful in the speech if you’ve been following politics already, and that could have been a missed opportunity.  As you can imagine not everyone was impressed by the speech, but not being a woman or a parent, I could only connect with affect.  For a prospective First Lady, she did great.  Make up your own mind:

Then there was Chris Christie, force of nature.  This was his first major speech to a national audience too.  Everyone was expecting some serious red meat from the plain spoken governor of New Jersey.  That’s not exactly what we got.  Christie spoke of his own record, contrasting the Democrat’s philosophy with the GOP, and how it’s time for the adults in the room to start acting like adults and rise to meet the challenges of our day.  It was forceful, inspiring, no-holds-barred.  Some complain that it took him about 20 minutes to even say Romney’s name and that his real audience seemed to be the 2016 GOP primary voter.  I liked the speech.  Make up your own mind:

All things considered, if last night was the first time you paid attention to politics, the speeches and optics at the RNC would have definitely made an impact.  Night 1: Success.

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