After many solid speeches throughout Day 1 of the convention, I was interested to see if the message would shift on Day 2.  It did.  Yesterday the was time to take it directly to Obama (finally).  The specific criticism missing from Chris Christie’s speech was on full display in prime time last night!

The warm-up was very good.  Governors Tim Pawlenty and Mike Huckabee threw red meat at the crowd.  I especially like how Huckabee turned preacher and uniter on the issue of religion and the base.   Some obligatory Hispanic pandering was also on display with solid speeches fom Puerto Rican Governor Fortuno and New Mexican Governor Martinez.

Now to the big speeches:

Condoleezza Rice was magnificent.  Regal, measured, not reading from a teleprompter, her words filled with power and meaning.  She tore apart the four years of drift in foreign policy under President Obama, how dangerous that is for America and the world, and harkened back to prideful times in America’s past when we stood up for freedom.  She warned that no country can do as much harm to America than ourselves.  She also briefly told her story of growing up in segregated Birmingham, rising to become Secretary of State.  It was a tremendous speech.  Big.  Here it is:

Soon after came Paul Ryan.  He accepted his party’s nomination for Vice President and definitely gave the speech of the convention thus far.  It was sober, serious, at times light and funny, it was real, delivered with poise and precision.  Ryan took Obama to task for the Stimulus and especially Obamacare and its dismantling of Medicare.  He tore apart Hope and Change in one of my favorite lines:

College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. Everyone who feels stuck in the Obama economy is right to focus on the here and now. And I hope you understand this too, if you’re feeling left out or passed by: You have not failed, your leaders have failed you.

The speech was philosophical (here’s my other favorite line of the night), even channeling F.A. Hayek and Milton Friedman at times when he wasn’t giving kudos to Jack Kemp.  He introduced us to his family — wife, three kids, and his mother.  He spoke of real work to be done with the leadership of a Romney-Ryan White House, which America sorely needs.  The convention woke up from its obligatory golf clap phase and went nuts a few times.  There is so much to say about the speech — a real home run, especially if this was your introduction to Paul Ryan.  Here’s the entire speech:

Unfortunately, the fascists were in full disruption mode last night and will undoubtedly try to disrupt Romney tonight.  Nonetheless, on to final day of the convention where Mitt Romney accepts the nomination where he is sure to bring the house down.

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