DNC Speakers Revealed

by Ryan on September 1, 2012

in Election 2012,Politics

The DNC has released a list of speakers at their convention next week.

***If I could ask a favor of you, PLEASE paste this URL into another window before reading the subsequent “highlight” list:


OK, now go:

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz, shrill voice of the DNC
  • Elizabeth Warren, an Indian woman running against Scott Brown
  • Harry Reid, rube
  • San Fran Nan, botox queen
  • Chuck Schumer, a**hole
  • Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood
  • Eva Longoria (you can just press MUTE when watching this one)
  • John F’in Kerry, who I’ve heard actually fought in Vietnam
  • Nancy Keenan of NARAL
  • Barney Frank… no comment; I’d get in trouble with this one
  • Sandra Fluke… no comment; I’d get in even more trouble with this one
  • Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago, a place which shares our values
  • RI Governor Gump, himself — Lincoln Chafee!
  • Charlie Crist, former RINO who’s looking for some new use for his knee pads
  • Bill Clinton, disbarred accused rapist and impeached perjurer, obstructer, and sexual harasser who is undoubtedly speaking to drive home the Dems “War on Women” theme

This should be something.

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