Editorial Makes Romney’s Argument for Europe

by Ryan on September 2, 2012

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The UK Telegraph ran an editorial which captures the great reality of our time: “the myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished.”  Janet Daley makes the argument that you can’t have a robust free market and pay for all the goodies of a European social welfare state.  There’s simply not enough money.  So, you either whistle past the graveyard playing financial games and hoping the laws of economic physics aren’t paying attention, or impose anti-democratic austerity and dictate outcomes.  Europe is actually trying both remedies and no one is happy, nor is either situation sustainable.

However, Daley points out that what was so refreshing about Romney/Ryan last week was that, unlike in Europe, we Americans are actually having a serious conversation about these fundamental issues.  She thinks Europe could learn a lot from having that conversation and maybe even find solutions if they took America’s approach.  This is another indication of how important this election may be even to those outside our nation.

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