US Debt Tops $16 Trillion as DNC Gets Under Way

by Ryan on September 4, 2012

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On the first full day of the 2012 Democrat National Convention, the Treasury Department says that our national debt will eclipse the $16 trillion mark today.

That number looks like this: $16,000,000,000,000.00

That’s fitting since Obama has added roughly $5.4 trillion to that number — more than any President ever.  He inherited TARP, passed the Stimulus and just baked all the new spending into the cake — an unfinished cake given that the Democrat-controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget plan in about 1,225 days.

In other DNC news, the Democrats have omitted the word “God” from their platform entirely.  It’s clear that the liberal progressives are playing for keeps — theirs is a cult-of-state and in that cult “God” just gets in the way.

Plus, there are some who are now finally admitting the obvious — that an Obama second-term would likely produce no changes in our direction or our politics:  Obama already believes his current positions are a compromise with Republicans;  Republicans will believe that if they lose it would have been because Romney was too moderate and retrench rightward;  Obama would have the worst reelection numbers since Woodrow Wilson, leaving a true election mandate in the dust;  and worst of all Congress will be bypassed on most issues of contention, leaving Obama to rule from the White House through executive fiat orders.

All that, or we can elect Romney with a Republican Congress.

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