God Returns to Democrat Platform

by Ryan on September 5, 2012

in Election 2012,Israel,Politics,Religion

After yesterday’s crazy exchange between Senator Dick Durbin and Fox’s Bret Baier, the Dems must have thought about the political fallout from the DNC’s exorcism of the word “God” and omitting the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from their official platform.

So, God’s been resurrected by the delegates, eliciting boos from a crowd that obviously didn’t want to go along.

Let’s be honest, the progressive “god” is the state and He’s been worshiped all week.  In a DNC video last night, the Dems promoted the idea that the government is the only thing we all belong to.”  Can there be much room for both God and the state in their official platform?  For now, they decided to play lip-service to God and last cycle’s expressed support for Israel.

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