Obnoxious New Spending Revealed in DNC Platform

by Ryan on September 6, 2012

in Economy,Election 2012,Politics

Bill Clinton tried to help Obama’s prospects for November last night at the DNC, giving a near 50-minute speech.  Even though I agree with some that Clinton’s voting for Romney, he needs credibility supporting Obama, so he’s not to be blamed for a potential Obama loss.  It’s no coincidence that Hillary’s on the other side of the planet this week.

Buried in the Clinton frenzy was an important detail that the Times Free Press found.  They took a look at the Democrat’s platform and found nearly $675 billion in NEW spending!  This, the same week our national debt hit $16 trillion!  The Dems just don’t get it — they simply seem hell-bent on destroying our future by indebting our posterity in order to potentially gain a few votes today.

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