Chicago Teachers Strike Making Union Look Terrible

by Ryan on September 10, 2012

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This morning Chicago’s teachers union decided to go on strike.  The sticking points which led to today’s action revolve around changes to teacher evaluation, health insurance, and job security, even though the teachers would still get a 16% raise over the course of the contract.

That’s better than I’m getting and I also have to deal with evaluation changes, health insurance limitations, and tenure rule changes. My union and district are four months late on settling a contract, but we’ve ironed out the differences given the real economic realities neither side can ignore.

This Chicago stuff wouldn’t fly in New Jersey:  property taxes are capped, so certain items are simply non-negotiable;  it is illegal to strike in NJ — the last time a union had a full-fledged strike in the Garden State 200 teachers were arrested;  finally, here in Jersey the union would want public sympathy, so they would unambiguously telegraph when the strike would take place so the parents, children, and police could brace for it.

Does a city known for being Murder Central need 400,000 youths on the streets, stretching an already overwhelmed police force?  Way to make a point, jack-a**es — you’re absolutely the bad guys and look terrible.

One final thought:  given the long leftist history of social agitation, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the useful idiot union strikers in Chicago are wearing red.

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