Romney vs. Obama on 9/11 Embassy Attacks

by Ryan on September 12, 2012

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Yesterday, the US embassy in Egypt and the US consulate in Libya were attacked, leaving four dead including our ambassador, and tarnishing American prestige even more in the region. These events are still in flux as more information seems to be coming out by the hour.  The catalyst for the violence is a 14-minute film which purportedly shows the prophet Mohammad in a negative light.  If true, then once again we have an example of how free speech leads to death and destruction in the Islamic world.

Nonetheless, this morning both Obama and Romney made statements on the attacks.  Romney’s comments condemned the attacks and the Obama Administration’s “mixed messages” about where we stand in the Middle East.  President Obama also made some remarks which sounded quite obligatory and boilerplate for this kind of incident.  “No Drama” Obama returns.

The press had kid gloves with Obama, but apparently coordinated their criticism of Romney before he even made his statement!  The press knows this is bad for Obama since any embassy causing trouble in the Mideast so close to an election can mean doom for an incumbent.  So, spinning the story to make it about Romney rather than about Obama’s bizarre and failing foreign policy is very important and was dutifully obliged by the MSM.

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