Wisconsin Judge Tosses Walker’s Union Law

by Ryan on September 16, 2012

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On Friday, Dane County circuit court Judge Juan Colas threw out just about all of the famous collective bargaining law passed by Governor Scott Walker and the state legislature, which modeled to other cash-strapped states a politically successful way to deal with unsustainable public employee union costs moving forward.

Judge Colas wrote that the law violated local union member’s 14th Amendment protections.  While saying the law must still be in effect for state and university employees (which is a glaring contradiction if the equal protection clause is the justification for striking down most of this law in the first place), Libs nonetheless are rejoicing.

In response, Walker is looking to appeal the ruling while trying to make sure that the law remains in tact until another court looks at it.

Once again, here’s another example of a situation where the left looks to the courts to dictate to the people something the people don’t want.  The Governor, legislature and local towns cross Wisconsin needed this law — and got a second chance to vote on it in last June’s recall where Walker became the first US governor ever to survive a recall.

Let’s play this one out for our friends in Libtardia:

If the judicial activists win this one, then the fiscal spirit of the law is destroyed.  It’s also possible that moving forward restricting selective (or perhaps any) public employee collective bargaining rights at the local level could be unconstitutional and must be stopped.

So, if one can’t restrict bargaining rights and the old system is restored, the solution is quite clear — it is still legal to layoff employees one cannot afford to pay.  The motivation behind Walker’s law in the first place was to keep public jobs by making the system more affordable to maintain.  By restoring the broken system, the Libs are ostensibly cheering for the massive cuts that will have to be made statewide — in a way they are cheering their own pink slips.

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