Occupy Wall Street Celebrates First Anniversary … with 181 Arrested

by Ryan on September 18, 2012

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The useful idiots in the Occupy “movement” were back and in predictable form as the rubes descended on Wall Street once again to mark the first anniversary of their spectacle.  Surprisingly, only 181 were arrested by the NYPD as of last night on a variety of charges, including disorderly conduct.  A mob is still a mob, apparently.

That’s just it:  Occupy is the mob, stoked by straw men, manipulated by utopian ideals with destructive tactics.  It was entertaining to watch them last year, but also sad and disappointing –  A Clockwork Orange meets V for Vendetta.  Dystopian dreams borne from a dispirited victim culture.  Many of them already took down their faded Obama posters and replaced them with Guy Fawkes masks.  Hopenchange to violence in the streets.  Isn’t that they way it always goes on the fringe left?


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